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List of used tires & rims

NumberBrandTypeSeasonMeasureMMRimMounted under:
1FirestoneWhinterhawkwinter175/65R14 82T7 MMSteelFord
2MichelinCross Climatewinter235/45R18 98Y5,5 / 4 MMAlloy wheel 
3VrededsteinSnowtrack 3winter205/55R164 / 4,5 MMAlloy wheelVolvo
4ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter195/65R155 / 6 MMAlloy wheelFord
5MichelinAlpinwinter225/60R166 MMSteel with hubcapCitroen
6NokianWR A3winter235/45R17 97V4 / 5 MMAlloy wheelVolvo
7ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter175/65R14 82T6 / 7 MMSteelFord
8ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter195/65R157 / 8 MMSteel with hubcapFord
9EventPotentem UHPzomer195/45R16 84W7 MMOnly tires 
10SemperitSpeed Grip 2winter225/50R17 98H Extra Load4 / 5 MMSteelPeugeot
11MichelinPilot Alpinwinter235/55R177 / 5 MMAlloy wheelAudi
12VrededsteinWintrac Xtremewinter225/60R18 104V4,5 MMAlloy wheelToyota
13PirelliSottozerowinter255/40R18 RUN FLAT6 MMOnly tires 
14VrededsteinSnowtrackwinter205/55R16 91H4,5 / 6 MMAlloy wheelFord
15PirelliSottozerowinter215/50R17 91H3,5 MMSteel with hubcapSold
16ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter195/50R155 / 7 MMOnly tires 
17KlebeKrisalp hp2winter225/55R176,5 MMSteel with hubcapOpel
19ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter205/55R165 / 7 MMSteelCitroen
20ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter215/55R16 93H5,5 / 7 MMSteel 
21ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter215/55R16 H XL5,5Alloy wheelFord
22ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter205/55R16 91H7 / 8 MMSteel with hubcapFord
23FalkenHS439winter235/55R17 103H5 MMOnly tires 
24Alfa RomeoOnly rims set7,5J 17 InchAlfa Romeo
25VrededsteinSnowtrack 3winter195/65R15 91T6 / 7 MMAlloy wheelVolkswagen
26ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter155/70R136 / 7 MMSteelFord Ka
27ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter195/60R15 88TNewOnly tires 
28Hankookevo2winter215/40R17 87V XLNewOnly tires 
29SemperitSpeed Grip 2winter215/50R17 95VNewOnly tires Sold
30ContinentalContiwintercontactwinter215/60R16 XL 99HNewAlloy wheelFord Mondeo
31VredesteinSnowtrackwinter165/60R14 XL 79TNewSteel 
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