Damage Repair

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Car damage is always inconvenient. That driver for individuals and the business You will soon have to deal with any issues that need to be smoothed out where you may have had before. Damage repair Roeleveld can help you with that! We are happy to answer your questions and help you get in touch with the right parties. Where we can unburden you, we will certainly do so!

Before we get started, you will be provided with personal advice, with a transparent cost estimate and planning. This way you will never be faced with unexpected costs. Perhaps you are not insured for the damage or is it not recoverable? We are happy to think along with you and can, for example, draw up a quote for used parts for you. This saves the environment and your wallet. Please inquire about the possibilities.

What can we repair for you?

Examples of damage that we can repair for you are:

  • Paint damage
  • Storm damage
  • Blikschade
  • Scratch damage
  • Chipping damage
  • Bumper damage
  • Burglary damage
  • Dent damage
  • Hail damage
  • Rust damage
  • Curb damage
  • Measuring and aiming bodywork
What else do we do?

We provide the spraying of:

  • Industrial painting
  • Furniture
  • Special paint job
  • Motorcycles and mopeds

We can handle any form of damage repair. Whether it's a full recovery including aiming and/or airbag replacement (complex) or just a small scratch (cosmetic), we can always help you! What exactly is the difference between cosmetic and complex? It doesn't make much difference to us because we employ the right people who don't care about anything. The more unusual the job, the greater the challenge. The beauty of our profession is that every damage is different.

Contact Us

Do you have any questions or do you want to start the intake? You can easily contact us in several ways:

Of course you are always welcome to visit our showroom on the Kometenweg 5 in Maarssen.

Highest quality requirements

We are always aware of the latest techniques, our colleagues are certified damage repairers and car painters. As a result, we meet the highest quality requirements. In our mixing room we can make any desired car color of any car brand with our color computer. Roeleveld damage repair is a Focwa certified bodyshop. Focwa has developed a quality standard and that is why they test us on craftsmanship, innovative strength, safety and entrepreneurship. As a result, you get a four-year warranty, original parts and clear price agreements with us.


Wij begrijpen dat uw auto soms onmisbaar is en dat het meer kan zijn dan alleen een vervoersmiddel. En zo gaan wij ook met uw auto om, wij repareren de schade altijd zo snel mogelijk. Vervangend vervoer kan in allerlei vormen en formaten geregeld worden. Mocht een vervangende auto voor u niet nodig zijn, of misschien onpraktisch in verband met een parkeer vergunning? Wij hebben altijd een leenfiets klaar staan en het openbaar vervoer vertrekt bij ons om de hoek. Wilt u dat we uw auto thuis bij u ophalen? Ook dit is geen enkel probleem, na de reparatie brengen wij uw auto weer netjes hersteld en gewassen terug.

Online damage recovery intake

We would like to ask you to fill in the information as completely as possible, this speeds up the further processing. In this form we ask you to upload some photos. Submitting the damage assessment may take a little longer if you are uploading large files. You can also send the photos via Whatsapp, see the button at the bottom left of our website. This is displayed on the mobile view of this website.

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Afdeling schadeherstel

Repairs are only carried out after consultation and with your approval, so that you are not faced with unexpected surprises. Reliability and transparency are very important within our car company.

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Kom jij ons team versterken? Wij zoeken een enthousiaste werkplaatsmonteur met passie voor auto’s en techniek. Neem contact op via receptie@roeleveld.nl.