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Autobedrijf Roeleveld is an official dealer of Zero Motorcycles and supplies 100% electric motorcycles to both consumers and companies and government institutions. Through our partner we are happy to help you with the conclusion of a Financial Lease. We deliver your Zero throughout the Netherlands.


New and used models are always ready for a test drive in our showroom. You can also view some accessories here, such as suitcases and fast chargers.


You can go to the workshop for maintenance, repairs and damage repair to your Zero. Tired of the color of your Zero? Or do you want to give your Zero a more exclusive look? We like to think along with you. You can have your Zero embroidered or sprayed in any desired color.

Quiet but plenty of asphalt tearing power

The Zero Motorcycle power unit delivers more torque than the most powerful 1000cc sports bikes.

The Zero Motorcycle brand is synonymous with the next step in motorcycle engineering. Combining the best of conventional motorcycles with advanced powertrain technology, Zero produces powerful electric machines that set new standards in weight, acceleration, design and riding pleasure. The motorcycles are built in construction and design around the revolutionary Z-Force® electric drive technology. For example, each Zero has a specially designed, ultra-light aluminum frame for weight savings.

The history of Zero started with a catchy idea in a garage in Santa Cruz, California. In the meantime, the company has grown into an internationally renowned manufacturer in the motorcycle world. Zero Motorcycles brings groundbreaking motorcycle innovation to real-world machines. Since the first prototypes came on the market in 2006, Zero has always invited motorcyclists to come and test new motorcycles. After all, when riding a motorcycle, experience works better than explanation.


Zero actively seeks the best balance of performance, range, weight and affordability to offer customers an unrivaled electric motorcycle. We do this by combining the traditionally perfected aspects of traditional motorcycles with the very latest technology of today. To put that motto into practice, Zero has assembled a team of skilled technicians, either from the motorcycle industry or from a high-tech background. The result: only Zero successfully markets a complete range of models and is therefore regarded as the market leader.

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Repairs are only carried out after consultation and with your approval, so that you are not faced with unexpected surprises. Reliability and transparency are very important within our car company.

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