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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our company? Perhaps your question has already been asked and included in our list of frequently asked questions:

Nowadays we don't really talk about a big or a small turn anymore. We refer to the factory regulations. Based on the age or mileage, the car is maintained as prescribed.

You can easily check your APK date yourself on the RDW website: Of course you can also call us and we will look it up for you.

We have a car wash in our building. You can choose a medium (€7.95) or intensive (€9.95) washing program. You can drive in without an appointment. During a service we wash your car for free.

Our professional car polisher can recondition (clean) both the outside and the inside of your car. The costs for this are highly dependent on the degree of pollution. If you drive by, we will gladly make a tailor-made offer (from € 150,-).

Autobedrijf Roeleveld has its own damage repair department with a professional spray booth and other tools to professionally repair vehicle damage. We are happy to help you with the settlement between you and the insurance company or to prepare a clear quote for the repair costs. Report your damage easily via our online intake form, Whatsapp or visit us.

Many people think that they cannot decide for themselves where to have their car repaired. That's a misunderstanding. Even if the insurance company refers you to another car damage company, the choice always lies with you as the owner of the vehicle, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the policy, but even then there are usually still options. In most cases we repair without an increased deductible. So you have complete freedom to choose a bodyshop of your choice. Because we have contacts with all insurance companies, we can always help you. Of course you can also contact us if you want to have the damage repaired without having to call in your insurance.

We like to think along. Green recovery is better for the environment and your wallet.

We offer the AutoZeker policy in collaboration with Centraal Beheer Achmea. The car insurance with the personal attention of Roeleveld and the certainty of Centraal Beheer.

Car trouble is always annoying. Do you have our Carprof Mobility guarantee/breakdown assistance? Call to +31 (0) 88 112 1430 and you will be helped on your way as soon as possible.

Don't have roadside assistance?
Feel free to call us and we will be happy to see how we can be of service to you.

Did you know that we offer the breakdown assistance subscription for free if your car is maintained by us according to factory regulations?

You can fill out a claim form online at: or download the app. This way you can easily exchange all the necessary data digitally with the counterparty.

As a repairer, we do not receive a message from If we can help you with the settlement, do not forget to contact us.

Our claims department prepares valuation reports by means of an Audatex calculation. We can also consult with a damage expert for you. Drawing up a damage assessment report costs € 100,-. Do you have the assessed damage repaired by us? Then the assessment is free of charge.

We inspect all (light) vehicles up to 3500 kg. So you can also contact us for most motorhomes.

You can also contact us for the maintenance of trailers.

Yes, we can take care of this for you.

Our company has been around since 1931 and we dare to say that no car is too old for us to work on and we are happy to do that. Sometimes it is difficult to get the right parts or a certain repair requires specialization. We are happy to provide you with honest advice to get and / or keep your oldtimer in top condition.

Our qualified technicians receive annual training so that we can service any vehicle regardless of how it is powered.

Our specialty is mobility. Are you coming to bring the car and do you need a lift home? That is not a problem at all. Picking up the car at home, whether or not with our driveway, is also an option, as is a loan bike or rental car.

In our modern workshop we have well-trained technicians and the most modern tools so that we can maintain every car according to factory regulations.

Would you like to purchase a car elsewhere, for example from a private individual, but want to know in advance whether the car is technically in order? Then a purchase inspection is a good idea, you can contact us for this.

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Repairs are only carried out after consultation and with your approval, so that you are not faced with unexpected surprises. Reliability and transparency are very important within our car company.

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